Hi, I am Razvan

Principal QA • Tech Lead • Trainer

High level experience in test automation architecture, leadership and product quality. Also a YouTuber, Blogger, Speaker, Career Coach, Mentor, Creator of IT 19k+ Community and QA-Practice app.

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QA Tech Consultant & Certified Trainer, with extensive knowledge and years of leadership experience, focusing on integrating testing procedures in development workflow and test automation architecture, implementing clean, maintainable and scalable test automation solutions for Web/API/Mobile projects.

07+ Years
30+ Projects
30+ Trainings



Databases Master

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
2016 - 2018

The Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
2013 - 2016

Mathematics informatics bilingual english

High School Mihai Viteazul, Caracal
2009 - 2013

Principal QA Engineer

2023 - present

Trainer - Test Automation

4MAYO Academy
2023 - present

QA Engineering Manager

2022 - 2023

Certified Trainer & QA Consultant

Vancea Razvan-Irinel PFA
2022 - present

QA Automation Lead; Career Performance Manager

2020 - 2022

Test Lead & Senior QA Consultant; Career Coach

Deloitte Digital
2018 - 2020

QA Engineer

2016 - 2018

Intern - Full Stack JS Developer

2016 - 2016


Web Automation Testing

Scripts designed to launch a web browser, navigate to the project's URL, and replicate actual user behavior, such as completing form fields, clicking on buttons, placing orders, and performing similar actions.

Cypress (JS)

TestCafe (JS)

Playwright (JS)

WebDriverIO (JS)

Serenity (Java)

Robot Framework (Python)

SpecFlow (C#)

Behat (PHP)

API Automation Testing

Scripts that send HTTP/SOAP requests and verify the server's response. This can involve verifying various aspects of the response, including the matching response status code, the response structure, properties, and values, among other factors.

PactumJS (JS)

SuperTest (JS)

Karate (Java)

RestAssured (Java)

Serenity (Java)

Codeception (PHP)

Cypress (JS)

Playwright (JS)

Mobile Automation Testing

Scripts that utilize a mobile emulator, cloud, or real device to launch an application and replicate actual user interactions, such as completing form fields, clicking on buttons, placing orders, and similar actions.

Appium (Java)

XCUITest (Swift)

Visual Testing

The process of detecting and reviewing any changes in the application's appearance to ensure that it always maintains the intended look and feel.





TestCafe - Blink Diff

Performance Testing

Scripts designed to evaluate an application's speed, response time, stability, reliability, and scalability under specific workloads, such as simulating 2000 concurrent users accessing the application.





Google Lighthouse

Manual Testing

An audit process that involves various testing methodologies, such as functional, usability, and cross-browser or device testing, that are performed manually on an application.

Functional Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Cross Device Resolution / Responsive Testing

Accessibility Testing

UI/UX Testing


Process that involves triggering and executing the automated tests automatically whenever a developer submits a new change to the application. This approach ensures that the modifications have not impacted the existing features and that they continue to function as intended.



GitHub Actions


Workshop programs

Available materials for individuals or companies to choose from

1 on 1
Mentoring for Individuals

Looking for a highly tailored, individual learning opportunity in test automation and programming? This program is for you!
More details

1 on 1 Mentoring Program

  • FREE call to get to know each other and analyze your current skills and find out what you're aiming to achieve

  • Custom plan structured in milestones

  • Video recorded sessions

  • 1 on 1 meetings - focusing on learning and mainly hands-on PRACTICE

  • Pay per hourly session. Stop anytime. Invoice provided.

  • Real world scenarios and projects

  • The ability of truly understanding & implementing clean, maintainable and scalable test automation solutions by yourself

  • GitHub Portfolio ++

  • Let's talk

for QA Engineers

Workshop - 4h
More details

QA Engineers <3 JS

  • Set up the prerequisites (NodeJS+VSCode)

  • Getting started with JS - Intro & brief history about NodeJS

  • Run hello-world.js

  • Declaring variables

  • let vs const vs var

  • Hoisting: Explained

  • Understanding data types

  • Loops and conditions

  • Logical operators and assignments

  • Arrays and their methods

  • Strings and their methods + template literals

  • Functions and ES6 features

  • OOP - Objects, classes, props and methods

  • Let's talk

From 0 to Hero

Web Test Automation
Workshop - 4h
More details

Cypress Automation

  • Set up the prerequisites

  • NPM dependencies analysis

  • Mocha test framework

  • Generate and go through in depth framework structure

  • Create the first web automation tests based on a real world project

  • Run the tests on different browsers and analyze the test runner.

  • Code refactoring: define the cypress config file

  • Code refactoring part 2: apply Page Object Model design pattern

  • Network Interceptors: custom API waits / mocking custom API response

  • Enable cypress cloud dashboard reporting

  • Integrate Cypress tests with cloud CI/CD GitHub pipelines for automatic & scheduled test execution

  • Let's talk

Fast Reliable E2E Web Tests

Web Test Automation
Workshop - 4h
More details

Playwright: Reliable E2E Tests

  • Set up the prerequisites

  • Generate project from CLI and go through in depth framework structure

  • VSCode extension - generating project and running tests using buttons

  • Create the first web automation tests based on a real world project

  • Features: Trace, Debugger, Record & Play to generate tests based on manual inputs.

  • Visual Testing - base image vs current page app state

  • Code refactoring: apply Page Object Model design pattern

  • How to bypass the login flow; speed execution++

  • Integrate Playwright tests with cloud CI/CD GitHub pipelines for automatic & scheduled test execution

  • Let's talk

API Automation: Zero to Hero
with PactumJS

API Test Automation
Workshop - 4h
More details

API Test Automation with PactumJS

  • Set up the prerequisites (NodeJS, VSCode)

  • NPM dependencies analysis

  • Mocha test framework

  • Create project structure

  • Create & Run the first CRUD tests based on a real world project

  • Configure HTML test results report using Mochawesome.

  • Code refactoring using best practices, ES6 features and coding standards

  • Generate realistic random test data using FakerJS

  • How to handle multiple Test Environment URLs

  • How to handle and re-use JWT Authorization tokens in every test

  • Integrate PactumJS tests with cloud CI/CD GitHub pipelines for automatic & scheduled test execution

  • Let's talk

HTML,CSS and unique Selectors

Presentation - 2h
More details

HTML and CSS Crash Course

  • How the WEB works - architecture

  • Basic HTML Structure and Elements

  • HTML Attributes, Classes and IDs

  • Basic CSS & Bootstrap library

  • Basic CSS

  • Google Chrome DevTools

  • How to generate unique optimized CSS Selectors

  • Absolute vs Relative: xPaths and CSS Selectors

  • Live Demo: generating unique & optimized html selectors

  • Let's talk

The first steps into
CLI Universe

Workshop - 2h
More details

Linux basics
From 0 to CLI Hero

  • What is the command line interface (CLI)?

  • Popular Linux distributions

  • In depth Pros and Cons analysis

  • CLI commands - no more secrets!

  • How to become the master of file permissions

  • How aliases save us precious time

  • CLI Text editors: Devs <3 Vim

  • Vimium: the hacker's browser

  • Demo - live use case examples

  • Bonus: CLI keyboard shortcuts to boost speed and efficiency

  • Let's talk

How to write good Bug reports and Test Cases?

Manual Testing
Presentation - 2h
More details

Bug Reports and Test Cases

  • The benefits of creating bug reports and test cases

  • What information a good Bug Report should contain

  • What information a good Test Case should contain

  • Live Demo: The participants assist me creating bug reports and test cases on a real project

  • Live Demo: the participants need to create bug reports and test cases and I will review them and provide constructive feedback

  • Let's talk

Understanding Git: The Fundamentals of Version Control

Workshop - 2h
More details

Understanding Git

  • What is Git?

  • Basic concepts: repository, commits, branches

  • Brief History: cheers to Linus Torvalds

  • Git workflow & architecture diagrams: EXPLAINED!

  • Top Hosting Services

  • Basic Git Commands: let's get it started!

  • GitHub Overview: Creating Pull Requests & Code Reviews

  • Demo: collaborating on the same source code, as a team

  • Demo: Resolving merge conflicts

  • Let's talk

What is an API and how to test it?

Manual Testing
Workshop - 2h
More details

What is an API and how to test it?

  • Learn what an API is

  • Why are APIs so important?

  • Intro into Postman

  • The structure of an API request & response

  • HTTP Request Methods, Headers, Params

  • HTTP Response status codes

  • Swagger (OpenAPI) documentation explained

  • Live Demo: Testing real CRUD API project

  • Let's talk

Learning journeys

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